Monday, December 8, 2008

Do We Look Stupid? Wait. Don't Answer That.

If there is doubt in anyone's mind that the coalition strategy has backfired, take note of a recent Compass poll which places Harper in reach a majority government. This in and of itself may be a strong indicator that the coalition's judgment has been way off base. That and picking a failed leader to take them into the biggest fight of the past century. Sheesh.

Still, how can Canadians be suckered in by Harper and the gang? Do they buy all this talk about the coalition being a threat to democracy for pursuing a perfectly legal parliamentary strategy? Or that partnering with the Bloc make them "traitors" when the Conservatives - er - I mean the Reform Party was pursuing exactly this strategy themselves?

I know Stockwell Day has denied this, but dude... do we look stupid to you? (don't answer that) It's easy to claim that the lawyer responsible for negotiating the deal acted alone, but a little harder to ignore the fact that a paper Harper co-wrote a paper with Tom Flanagan entitled Our Benign Dictatorship, which entertains partnering with French separatists - I mean sovereignists - in order to carry out a conservative vision of Canada.

Poll via the lotusland soapbox

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