Sunday, December 7, 2008

Conservatives, Liberals, NDP & Bloc Have Pooched Us Good

Full disclosure. I didn't vote Conservative in the last election, BUT I wasn't terribly worried by the notion of the Conservatives scoring another minority gov. Stupid, I know.

I actually believed Stephen Harper when he talked about trying to make this Parliament work. Sure the guy has those cold, dead shark eyes, but did you see the clip of Rick Mercer's sleep over at 24 Sussex? He's not without charm.

But not two weeks into the new session, after telling his MPs to tone things down a notch, buddy goes and starts a shooting war, targeting party finances, federal unions, and pay equity for women. What exactly did he think would happen?

Did he think they'd just choke down yet another shit sandwich? Risk calling an election maybe? It's clear he didn't anticipate the coalition, and why would he? It's not a crazy idea in and of itself, but with the three parties in their current state, I wouldn't trust them to paint my house and not fuck it up.

Again, let me state, I'm not oppose to the notion of a coalition gov, but I just don't think these guys can pull it off without hurting their parties, and possibly giving the Conservatives a majority next election, which, let's face it, is probably no more than six months away at best.

In fact, it looks like Canadians, fearing a lengthy recession, are coming down in favour of Harper, despite him being the sneaky sort of douche who tapes other party's phone conversations. (Better hope he doesn't get his hands on your bank card an PIN, he might just clean you out.)

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