Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sometimes Shoe Trumps Pen

Usually I like Globe editorials, but the whingeing in "A disgrace to journalism" was a bit much.

The tone reeked of the sort of privilege enjoyed by Western journalist who sip $4 coffees, secure in the knowledge that he or she probably won't step in raw sewage on the way home from work, be kidnapped by gangs, or rounded up by U.S. forces for suspicion of being a terrorist.

Yeah, I know journalist probably shouldn't go hucking their shoes at world leaders, BUT when Muntadar al-Zaidi sat down at that press conference, he was faced with two clear choices...

He could jot down more of Bush's bullshit folksy comments re freedom, staying the course, and the determination of the Iraqi people as have tens of thousands of journalists before him, OR he could pull off a shoe and smack the smarmy sack of shit in the head in the most profound act of disrespect he could muster under the circumstances.

Seeing as Bush is unlikely to face any consequences for his malfeasance in Iraq, I think al-Zaidi made the right choice... unless of course he finds himself bagged, tagged and bound for Guantanamo.

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